Why cheap office chair is dangerous

According to an estimated calculation, an office worker spend at least 60,000 hours on the office seat. That is very big proportion time in the life. This time can in a certain affect your health. Think about it, if you spend these time on a cheap and dangerous office chair, your life is really in danger. Why do we say so?

Because most very cheap office chairs are not qualified, neither the seat base, nor the gas lift and environmental standards.

1. Inferior gas lift for the chairs

Gas lift is a must for the adjustable office chairs. Many cheap office chairs use very inferior gas lift which may lead to explosion. Gas lift is filled with inert gas, when the office chair is adjusted, the gas changed. If the gas lift is not good, it not only affect the chair durability but also bring many safety problem.

2. Office chair leg may break

To save the cost, cheap office chair use very thin tube for the chair leg. The leg is the may factor for bearing the weight, if the chair leg tube is too thin, it can not support the human weight and lead to a break. This may result in the user fall down from the chair and get injured.

broken office chair leg

3. Exceeding Formaldehyde

As we all know, formaldehyde do a lot of damage to the human health. Exceeding formaldehyde can lead to cancer if human are infected in it for a long time. Many office chair manufacturers use very inferior materials such as cheap upholstery, padding, filler and even some wood to save cost which make the chair very cheap.

4. Fire retardant is not qualified.

Some office chair buyer may require fire retardant which can delay the fire spreading. While if not standard fire retardant, the result will go to the contrary. This may result in worse fire disaster and more deaths and injuries.

office chair on fire

So when you buy office chairs, no matter mesh office chair or leather office chair, never only focus on the office chair price. See more details and buy it in a reasonable price. So that you can buy a satisfied and safer office seating for your home or office space.